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More Old School Photos
from our September 2003 Issue!

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John Campbell Elementary School
Courtesy Stan Scislowski

Stan Scislowski, a regular contributor (Stan’s World), sent in this great 1927 photo of Johan Campbell Public School’s first kindergarten class. Stan is third from the right in the front row. According to him, he’s “the best looking kid of all. I don’t know where the good looks went to after a couple of years.”

Incredibly, his beautiful school, as well as Begley and Benson are scheduled for demolition in the near future and will be replaced with new schools. Not only would three architecturally significant schools be lost forever, the cost to tear them down and rebuild will be far greater than renovating them.


Call Penny Allen at the Windsor & Essex County School Board at
519-255-3200 or, e.mail her at


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King Edward Elementary School Grand 8 B
Courtesy Ruth St. Louis (Gooby)
1st row (l-r) Eric Cross; Herbert Millis; Duncan Greenshilds; Ruth Young; Laura Bromley; Ruth Dunn; Marg mcKenzie; Ken Ouellette; John Milne; Rennie Telford
2nd row (l-r) May McArthur; Ruth Gooby; Joan Henderson; Luella Clapp; marion kenyon; Gladys Jewell; Catherina Shields; Isabel McArdle; Marion Dixon; Frances Martin
3rd row (l-r) James Conroy; Matthew Kelton; Doris James; Marjorie Youne; Betty Kirkup; Robert Dickie; Cecil Gawley
4th row (l-r) Ken Bain; Floyd Mifflin; Keith Hoskin; Charles Henderson; Frank Porter; Joe Spalla; Donald Sinclair

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St. Alphonsus School
Courtesy Herb Millis

Room 8 - June 12 1940
Names may be mis-spelled due to poor legibility
Names on back of picture - Numbered as is
1. Bernice Corrigan, 2. tom Hennessey, 3. Betty Sylvain, 4. Mary Jane Zakoor, 5.Rose Canil, 6. E. Canor Shaloub, 7. Norma Alsin, 8. Norman Dority, 9. Patricia Alise, 10. Henry Haberg, 11.Cecile Anderson, 12. Roland Anderson, 13. Elia Zorzit, 14. Lena Bastianon, 15. Terry Clonnell, 16. Bruno Reh, 17. Vincent Fagg, 18. Jack Artiss, 19. Gordon McNamara, 20. William Taylor, 21. ?, 22.Joseph Zakvor, 23. Jack ?, 24. Jck McIntyre, 25. Eugene ?, 26. Ermida Muggin, 27. Mary Stephens, 28. Georgette ?, 29. Rita Hemonal, 30. Helen Brua, 31. Shirley Smith, 32. John Buffon, 33. Anita La Branche, 34. Rena Canil, 35. Bridget Ferguson, 36. Rosemary La Price, 37. Frank Macconi, 38. Jim Asmar

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TIMES Editor Elaine Weeks’s grade four class
King Edward Public School, 1966, teacher Mrs. Reycraft

(Unlike many of our readers who send in their class photos from the 1930s, etc., I am ashamed to admit that I am unable to remember all the names, even though this picture was comparatively recent.)

From left to right:
Jim Odell, Jim Potter, Mark Kersey, Cameron Huston, Mike Drakich, George Jovanovic, Ron Sweet,?, Bryce Ramsey, ?
Robin Debison, Della Shafer, Kristen Tanner, Janet Easton, ?, Nancy Roy, Mrs. Reycraft, Ruth Palmer, Linda Thornton, Brenda Newman, Janet ?, Vera Danculovic, Lorraine Butler, ?, Beth Eley, Linda Albu, Elaine Weeks, Dave Hillis, ?, Barry Salmon, Dave Hicks, Jay Corr, Bodhan Toreshanko

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Everett Reid’s Grade 7 class (boy in foreground with glasses)
King George School, 1928, teacher Ms. Fletcher

If you know the names of any of the people in this photo, please send them to us via e.mail: or

Mary Gibb, Hugh Beaton – 1949

We received this 1949 photo from Robert A. Gibb. This is his sister Mary’s class at Hugh Beaton public school. Robert’s mother hand-wrote all the names of the children.

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