15th Annual Willistead Classic Car Show / 1VelieAdobe00135_RT8 4-3
Photos: Elaine Weeks & Norm Rheaume

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1VelieAdobe00135_RT8 4-3

1928 Velie Standard Sedan
Owned and restored by Jim Onslow
Engine: Velie 6 Cylinder, ohv
Brakes: 4 wheel Hydraulic
Capacity: seats 5 comfortably

Velie was manufactured in Moline, Ill., by the Velie Motor Corporation. They manufactured 3000 - 5000 cars a year, from 1909 - 1928. Willard Velie senior was the grandson of John Deere. There are 216 Velie vehicles currently registered with the Velie Registry of Phoenix, AZ, and they are spread over 14 different countries.

The restoration took about 3000 hours, over eight years. Most of the work, except for body and paint were done in my garage, along with much assistance from my best friend Bill Appleyard, a class "A" mechanic.