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It's About Time

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It's About TIME
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In 1935, the Town of Walkerville amalgamated with the City of Windsor, signalling the demise of The Walkerville News, the town's newspaper.

For 64 years, the people of this uniquely historical area of Windsor have been without a voice. Until now.

Welcome to the The Walkerville Times Interactive! Our mission is to provide the community of Walkerville with an alternative, neighbourhood oriented newspaper and website. The WT Interactive allows us to break out from the physical limitations of the newspaper. Theoretically, there is no limit to the size of a wesbite. Therefore, we plan to continuously add new features and content to the website. We hope you'll come back on a regular basis.

We hope everyone will enjoy both the paper and the on-line versions of The Walkerville Times. While conducting research for The Times, we got the distinct impression that many people are as fascinated by local history as we are.

We welcome your letters, ideas and contributions!  

Contact us at: 255-9898, Fax: 255-9528,

or by regular mail:

624 Chilver Rd.
Windsor ON N8Y 2K2.



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