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Birth of the Auto

walker-car.jpgOne hundred and forty one years ago, the first commercial business opened in Walkers Town. Thanks to the foresight of town founder Hiram Walker, his Canadian Club became known around the world and his infrastructure of railroads and shipping docks helped create an economic boom for the town that became known as Walkerville.

In order to ensure the viability of his town, Walker had made it irresistible to potential business owners.

He even played a role in the birth of the Canadian auto industry- as you can learn  by following  the links in this section.


Welcome to Ford City

The two towns of Walkerville and Ford City stood side by side, but they were a complete study of contrasts, products of their origins in different historical periods and traditions.


The Walkerville-Chrysler Connection

In 1928, Maxwell Chrysler bought 70 acres of farm land in Walkerville for the passenger car assembly plant that went up that year.


80 Years of General Motors in Walkerville

General Motors has been part of the Walkerville landscape since 1919. But before this industrial landmark's time, things were decidedly more bucolic


Seagrave: Birth of the Modern Firetruck

In 1907 Seagrave assembled its first motorized fire apparatus in Walkerville, shipping three engines to Vancouver.


Lincoln Toy Factory

Prized by collectors, the Lincoln Toy factory produced superb steel model toys in Walkerville during the forties and fifties.

Windsor on Wheels

The Windsor Public Library has launched its new website, Windsor on Wheels, a history of the auto industry in Canada.



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