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I live on Hall Avenue, just off Giles and the birds that I have seen in my backyard are:

American Kestrals: a family of five were feeding (not sure if they had a nest) in a couple of large trees for a few weeks behind our backyard

Crows: lots of crows hanging out in our neighbour's tree and the building across our house

Cardinals: a nesting pair searching for food in our compost pile

Purple House Finches: lots of these until I stopped filling my finch feeder, which I will resume in the fall

House Sparrows: an abundance of these birds

Starlings: again, an abundance of these birds

Common Grackles: seen in our backyard of our neighbour's backyard from time to time

Mourning Doves: seen perched on telephone wires and feeding at bird feeders

Pigeons: hanging out on neighbour's roofs
and the odd Blue Jay

Sighting submitted by Leesa Bringas

Leesa Bringas is a Windsor-based Artist. Most recently she had two of her pieces displayed at the 2002 Southwest Open exhibit at the Art Gallery of Windsor. Appropriately the first is entitled “Tale of a Strange Crow.”

I live two blocks west of Huron Church Rd. and one block south of College. Not only have I kept track of the birds I mentioned, but I also have an opossum which used to come around only at night, but this year I've seen it as early as 10:15 am. Light grey and white with pink/white paws. Doesn't seem nervous of me when I go and talk to it and likes the 'treats' I give it. I've also been visited by a really beautifully marked skunk and twice visited by a raccoon. This surprises me since I live so close to such heavy traffic.

Here are a few I've noted in my bird book over the years: brown headed cow bird, purple finch (lots) black headed Grosbeak, Blue Jays, Red Breasted Nuthatch, Yellow shafter, Flicker drilling holes all around my Russian Oil Tree, Cardinals, Juncos, Robins, along with the usual sparrows and mourning doves.

June Borre, Windsor

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