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Albert Kahn and His Influence on Walkerville

All of the following buildings still exist today. We begin our tour at the Detroit River and work our way south up Devonshire Road toward Willistead Manor.

Hiram Walker & Sons Head Office

2072 Riverside Drive, Walkerville Ontario

built in 1892-94

This structure was modelled after the Pandolfini Palace in Florence, which explains the Italian Renaissance style of the building, including the delicate craftmanship of the lanterns and bronze gate at the entrance. which hints at the lavish wood and marble details found inside.



The Walkerville Town Hall

350 Devonshire Road, Walkerville, built in 1904

This building features the stone foundation from the original St-Mary's Church built in 1870. The design is Classical Revival, featuring a dark tile roof and low-arched dormers specified by Albert Kahn. The building was moved from its original site by a group of determined volunteers, and currently houses the Galerie d'Art Royale.



The Bank of Commerce

415 Devonshire Road,  1907

Imparting a sense of stability, prosperity and security, this bank is a classic turn-of-the-century building.


800 Block, Monmouth Road

circa 1904

Built for workers at the distillery and other Walker supported industries, the apparent sameness of these row houses is misleading. During the past 20 years, this area has experienced a re-gentrification.



Willistead Manor  

1899 Niagara Street, built in 1906

This magnificent structure was designed by Kahn during his early period of residential architecture. Commissioned by Edward Chandler Walker, in memory of Hiram Walker's son Willis, who died in 1886, the imported woodwork was carved by Bohemian artisans; Scottish stonemasons cut the stone, quarried in Amherstburg. The building is now owned by the people of Windsor, including the 15 acre park. The stone and iron fence surrounding the property was built in 1914.



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