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Kids Say the Darndest Things

The Walkerville Times visited Ms. Arya's Gr. 3 Class at King Edward School in Walkerville recently, and quizzed the students about local history.

We asked:

Who was Hiram Walker?
And, Who lived in Willistead Manor?

We think you'll enjoy their responses.

 Hiram Walker is the captain of Detroit, or he is a pilot. I think that a lady lives in the Willistead Mansion. She is old, with white hair, with blue eyes. She wears a pink dress. Her name is Rose from the Titanic. She is very pretty.

Hiram Walker is a man that made wine and Hiram Walker opened a wine store. I think the Prime Minister lived in Willistead.

 I think Hiram Walker was the principal of Walkerville High School. I think the person that lived in Willistead was Henry Ford.

Hiram Walker was a Prime Minister who died 100 years ago. He is nice.
I wish he were still alive so I could figure out who he is. An old lady lived in Willistead. I don't know who she is.

Hiram Walker was Prime Minister. A rich guy lived in Willistead.

I think Hiram Walker invented beer and he died 100 years ago. I think the Prime Minister lived in Willistead Park.

Hiram Walker is the owner of Hiram Walker on Riverside Dr. And I know that David's dad worked at Hiram Walkers on Riverside. I also know that he has seven children. I think Hiram Walker's workers live in Willistead Manor.

Hiram Walker is the person that created Walkerville High School. And then when he died the people that helped him named it after his last name. His last name is Walker.

Hiram Walker is the boss of the Walkerville church. I think that Ms. Arya lived in that mansion. Ms. Arya is my teacher. She must have lived there with her family. She lives there because she is really small.

Hiram Walker is a very very important man because HE IS RICH!  He is the KING of Windsor and Kingsville.

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