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It was very sad to hear of the passing of one of your writers, Margaret Stokes, on Feb. 23, 2002. I always enjoyed her articles in your paper’s “Letters from Margaret”. I will miss her contributions.
Bill Warnica, Windsor

Walkerville’s Huckleberry Finn

Ah HA! This morning I was reading "Life on the Mississippi" by Mark Twain, then picked up The Times and found myself reading "Spring Time on the Detroit River" by Al Roach, and suddenly it hit me...Al Roach is Walkerville's Huckleberry Finn!
Charlie Fox, Walkerville

A Clear View from Arizona

I just found your magazine on the net. It is GREAT! I grew up in Walkerville and went to King Edward Elementary, Walkerville CI, and U. of Windsor. I had Mr. Stonehouse, the Mclaren sisters for English, Young bros. for Science & French, and of course the always interesting Mr. ‘Put Put ‘ O’Brien for math. I moved to the States, received an MBA at Dartmouth, worked at large companies for 20 years, then for smaller companies as a turnaround specialist. I retired to AZ and am presently with Skymasters, a school teaching Ultralight plane flying and hangliding. The view is clearer from a mile up!
Your magazine is fantastic! Research is thorough. Great memories! Keep up the good work.
Paul J. Smith, Arizona

“Shore” a Lot of Memories

Your last two editions have brought back a flood of nostalgia for me. I am referring to the articles and letters regarding Shore Acres Hotel. I lived there from 1936 until 1948 with my dad Vivian (yes, that was his name) he was the bartender and my mom Regina (known as Reg) the waitress, along with my grandparents, Herman and Mary Ann (Polly) Sutton, proprietors.

I had the privilege to speak at length with Mr. Bill Marentette about those years both before and after World War II. He reminded me of many humorous occurrences that happened during the time he was a patron. There are many stories to tell about “the good old days”.

I have many fond memories of things I did while I lived there – of school chums from Prince of Wales and St. Anthony’s and adult friends of my parents and grandparents.

Your “letters” have given me an opportunity to share that segment of my life with my two children.

Bill Marentette is an unbelievable source of historical facts regarding the brewing industry at that time. Many names he mentioned to me rekindled memories of the era when I lived there.

George Sutton, (now a retired principal) left,
with parents Regina and Viv in the kitchen of Shore Acres

Thank you so much for your interest in one small segment of Windsor’s past history. I love your magazine.
George Sutton, Windsor

Nothing like a Good Scandal

Shore Acres (February and March 2002 issues), was right around the corner from where I lived at the time of the "notorious" Josephine Avenue Gang. The property ran from University (then London Street) to Sandwich and included baseball diamonds and skating rinks. There was a small confectionery right next to the rinks and the proprietor dispensed pop in the summer and hot chocolate in the winter along with music piped outside for the skaters to enjoy. The Shore Acres Club itself was off limits to us but it was a beautiful old building.

I really enjoyed the “Portrait of a Scandal” story [issue 22, March 2002]. I remember Joe Assef and in fact purchased from him when I was about 17. He also had a house either on Howard or Dougall. Also, the slot machine operator had to be either Bull Fielding or Russ Gilboe who were partners in a very lucrative slot operation along with several other illegal spin-offs.
Great story and an equally fine Times edition
Tom Paré, Traverse City, Michigan

Seeking House Info

I’m looking for information on four properties in Walkerville, two houses built by my grandfather at 1209 Monmouth (formerly 289), 1793 Chilver (formerly 574 Victoria), and two houses that our family lived in, 844 and 1215 Chilver. I have some history on these but would like to know when they were built, etc. Are the Municipal Land Records the best source and do they have e-mail access?

Thanks for any help. My mother is thoroughly enjoying The Walkerville Times as I am.
Barb (Reid) Margerm, Windsor

Ed: The City Registry Office would be a good place to start. Not sure if they have e.mail access. Nancy Morand, Heritage Planner at City Hall may also have info. Her e.mail is Phone is
255-6281 x 6336.

Any readers with info please feel free to write in.

Riveting Site

I have spent my entire evening riveted to your fabulous site!!!! [] I love the history, the photos, the stories. I happened to stumble across it from the “Posteroptics” site’s link. You are an all-too-well-kept secret!

I drive through the Walkerville area each weekday, amazed by the beautiful architecture, wondering what it was like when the area was shiny and new. Such potential for its former beauty still exists!

In the mid 1980’s I lived in a house in the 1100 block of Moy (for six years) that had been built in 1918. A renovation made necessary by my two curious young sons, turned up a penny from 1899 wedged between a 2x4 & a floorboard! We considered it a great memento. Keep up the great work!
Marianne L., Windsor

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