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Crime in the City

Detroit Riots
Great Bank Robbery of ’59
Portait of a Scandal

past tense

Past Tense

Tom Pare grew up in Windsor — he is retired and sends his stories from Traverse City, Michigan.



Letters from Margaret

Margaret Myers Stokes: 1915- 2002
Margaret passed away on February 26, 2002. Read some of the letters we’ve received from Margaret here.



Roach Reminisces

Al Roach, raised in Walkerville, wrote for The Windsor Star for 43 years. He is the author of two books on local history, All Our Memories, and All Our Memories 2.

grandma's window

A View From Grandma's Window

Bonnie Nelson was born and raised in Walkerville and now lives in St. Andrew by the Sea, New Brunswick.



Stan Scislowski

Stanley Scislowski was born in Windsor in 1923. He has written extensively on his war experinces and life in Winsor during the Depression. His book: "Not All of Us Were Brave" was published in 1997 by Dundurn Press.



Camilla Stodgell Wigle

Camilla's parents operated three businesses in the Flat Iron Building (torn down in 1995), located across from the main office of Hiram Walker's & Sons on Riverside at Devonshire Road. Their popular tea room, confectionery and china shop kept her parents extremely busy and young Camilla and her two brothers helped out wherever they could.



The Westender

Sherrill Tucker has lived in the west of Windsor or Sandwich West all her life. She approached us with the concept of "The Westender", tales from Windsor's west end.


short takes

Short Takes

Quirky and fun memories of life in Walkerville.



History of Walkerville

"A small village, situated on the riverside, about a mile above Windsor. It contains a distillery, carried on by Hiram Walker and Company, a hotel, store, etc... and several tenements built by Walker and Co. for the convenience of their employees, which number from eighty to one hundred." (1865)





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