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Letters from Margaret: Stokes Service Stationgas-station.jpg

While in Windsor in late 1998, adrive past the corner of Walker and Tecumseh reminded me of the service station owned by my husband Ivan and his father Clarence (C.D.) on the southwest corner. When they leased it in 1930 it was called "Flying Red Horse" (Esso, I think) and I believe Ivan kept it until 1941. With amalgamation in 1935, the station became part of Windsor. A city policeman who dealt with "Stokes Service Station" showed Ivan and his father how to plant rose bushes. This officer was responsible for planting the lovely rose garden from the Detroit -Windsor Tunnel Exit on Ouellette Avenue to Park Street for the City of Windsor.

Ivan and his dad won prizes from the City of Windsor for their rose bed, which ran from one side of the station to Tecumseh Road as well as awards for "Best Kept Station". I see that the station is gone now and that a restaurant has taken its place. Unfortunately, the lovely roses are gone too.

Until next time.... Margaret Myers Stokes

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