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Moose on a Noose

by Margaret Stokes

The stables were the Walkerville Jail and Police Station. There was a huge Englishman, who was the Police Chief then. He had a huge mustache and each year, he hung a big moose, which he had shot, between two enormous trees, in front of the station. People and kids flocked to see the moose hung upright.moose.jpg

Editor's Note: Margaret sent us a photocopy of a photo depicting this amazing sight and we were able to track down an actual photo with the help of staff at the Windsor Community Museum. The photo is undated but is probably from the early 1920's. According to Margaret, the man in the fedora was Police Chief Smith, who shot the moose and the man in the cape was possibly the Mayor. The constable with bare hands was Carl Foster who patrolled Walkerville for many years. This picture was taken along Chilver Rd, showing the moose hanging from the 2nd storey of the jail.

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