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The "Toonerville Trolley", Bruce (87) and Norah Long

turner.jpgThis little street car travelled through Walkerville. It was named the Turnerville Trolley after a popular newspaper comic. It only had four wheels and you could rock it.

For 6 cents you could take it from Devonshire and Wyandotte, along Wyandotte for two blocks to Monmouth, up Monmouth to Ottawa St. across to Walker then up to General Motors, then along Seminole where it reversed and retraced the route back to Devonshire. This was the transportation for all the Walkerville people who worked in all the factories and businesses along Walker Rd.

During the Second World War, the double tracks for the trolley along Monmouth were torn up and cut with an acetylene torch into 2 foot lengths. They were shipped to the Hamilton Iron and Steel plant for use in the war effort.

Hot Rodding Liquor

During the winter in Prohibition, you could get an old car i.e., hot rod, for around $5, fill it with bottles of liquor ($1 each) and run it over to Detroit on the ice. If you lost the hot rod and booze through the ice, no big deal.

Henry Gordon (85)

Petch's Drugstore & Soda Fountain

Corner of Windermere & Wyandotte. The Walkerville boys used to hang out here and at Bert Snowden's barber shop next door.

The Walkerville Bakery

Located between Windermere and Chilver. "You could buy all the bread and fancy cakes you wanted from the most exquisite to the most simple. They made a lemon square, no icing but a lemon butter filing - delicious!"funnycar.jpg

Arnold's Gingerale

Early 30's. Assumption Street near Walker on north side of street. Manufactured gingerale. Had a soda fountain. Bought by Vernon's.

Walkerville's First Gas Station

Run by Ed Keith at Victoria (Chilver) and Wyandotte. He lived in Windsor but his son went to King Edward.

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