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Remembrance Day 2000 Links

The Hut

History of Ontario Command Royal Canadian Legion, Walkerville-Windsor Branch 123

World War I veterans of Walkerville, and especially the late Captain H. A. Springle, were determined to find a location for their Great War Veterans Association meetings. After returning home from the war, the veterans had been getting together in the old Holland Block on the corner of Lincoln and Assumption in the basement of a store.


In 1920, their efforts were rewarded when they succeeded in leasing from the Crown, a piece of property on the corner of Arygle and Brant. Thrifty by circumstance, the boys located a surplus Army hut, which was moved to the site and renovated. To this day, the Legion is still known far and wide as "The Hut".

Encouraged to link up with the Canadian Legion, this was accomplished in 1925. Prior to receiving a beer license in 1935, money was raised in a variety of ways including whist parties, Boblo and Moonlight trips on the Detroit River and dances. Between 1920 and 1930, a group of Branch 12 members labored regularly on county farms doing odd jobs and harvesting to earn supplies for needy veterans, and for a soup kitchen set up in 1928 at the Walkerville Brewery on Walker and Wyandotte. During the Depression, Branch 12 often purchased a train ticket home for a destitute Veteran.

In 1947, the hut was torn down and replaced by a cement block building, complete with auditorium, lounge and kitchen; the hall has been refurbished and updated since that time. Last month, the legion celebrated its 75th anniversary with a gathering of veterans, ladies auxillary and friends.

We Are The Walkerville Boys

Courtesy Royal Canadian Legion, Walkerville-Windsor Branch 12

Along the highways and byways of Italy, France, Holland, Belgium and Germany, thousands heard triumphant marching feet stepping out smartly to the refrain "We Are the Walkerville Boys", composed by "Hookey" Walker, the first Walkerville man to be killed in World War I. "Hookey" would be proud of Branch 12, Canadian Legion, which adopted his song:

    No doubt you wonder who us guys are

    We come from society, so near and so far

    We know our manners, we spend our tanners,

    We are respected wherever we go.

    And, when we go marching down old Walker Road

    All the ladies murmur "There They Go".

    We are from Walkerville,

    Never Work, and Never Will.

    We are the Walkerville Boys.

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