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What's In the Box?

Construction of King Edward School began in April 1905 and a corner stone was laid on May 23 of that same year (Empire Day).

During the ceremony, the school was named by Mrs. E. Chandler Walker (daughter-in-law of Hiram) in honour of the reigning king, Edward the 7th. (Mrs. Walker is seen in the small newspaper clipping above  to right.) 

Corner stones are built into the corner of a foundation of important edifices as the actual or nominal starting point in building and are hollow to allow repository of documents or objects.

In addition, newspapers and directories of the day and current coinage, are typically included. Unfortunately, the paper contents of the King Edward cornerstone did not survive the years in good shape.

In addition, the coins were taken at some point after the box was opened in 1993 when the original school was torn down and replaced by the present King Edward. Unfortunately, the whereabouts of the coins is a mystery.

There is need for a policy to be drawn up by the Board of Education to ensure that in future, cornerstones and time capsules are opened with due care in the presence of an historian and that a proper storage place be arranged.

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