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Remembrance Day 2000 Links

A Veteran Remembers

by Don Sharon

This November 11th, Canadians from coast to coast will pause once again. In this moment, we will remember. We will remember the men and women who served our glorious Country during wartime.  We will remember those who gave of themselves, many with their lives, so that we may live in peace.

I am proud to say that I was one of more than one million Canadians who fought in the Second World War (1939-45). In April of 1945, I was knocked out of my tank by an explosion and saw the war end while in a Belgium hospital. By the time the war was over, over 45,000 Canadians had given their lives.

For me, November 11 means remembering fallen comrades. They were strong, devoted, focused and afraid. They believed in their country and their duty and freedom. This November 11, I will again pray for peace and I will honour the fact that I was part of a very special nation that fought to preserve a way of life, the Canadian culture and the freedom we currently enjoy.


After his convalescence, Don, who had worked at Windsor's CKLW prior to the war as a Sound Effect Man and Transcription Officer, served briefly as a Program Engineer with Canadian Forces Radio Service in London, England. One of his projects was to pipe the popular "Happy Gang from Canada" radio shows which had aired coast to coast on the CBC network, into the reinforcement depots where soldiers waiting to return to Canada were based. Don was instructed to remove all the commercials and was able to bundle five shows into the space of one! In 1946, Don returned to Canada and resumed his career with CKLW (CBET). He retired in 1985 after having promoted to Film Department Manager. A father of six, grandfather of 14 and great-grandfather of 10, Don will gather with his wife Ruth of 59 years and family to remember on November 11.

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