Canadian Club Tour/Store

Corner Walker Rd and Riverside Drive


At the same location made famous by Hiram Walkerıs legendary Canadian Club whisky, Hiram Walker & Sons distillery offers a great tour, which starts at the gift shop at the corner of Riverside Drive East and Walker Rd.

You'll find out where the grain comes from, how it gets into those giant silos on Riverside Drive, how it travels to the distillery buildings, and of course how the whisky is made.

View the impressive three-story fermenters where you can peer through the submarine-type windows to see the corn or rye mash fermenting.

One of the more popular stops on the tour is at one of the eight bottling lines, where 250 to 310 bottles are filled every minute!

Parking is available at Montreuil and Riverside, east of Walker Rd.

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