ARCHITECT - James Grey McLean, Windsor,

Built: c. 1894


The restoration of the Bott house and its recent conversion to the law offices of Donaldson, Donaldson, Greenaway, gave the building a new lease on life in 1996. Its siting next to the Reid house reinforces the early character of the streetscape.

John Bott, who achieved a measure of fame for his prize-winning malt at the Chicago World’s Fair in 1893, was manager of the Walkerville Brewing Company. He was a member of the first town council with his friend, Thomas Reid, and was elected mayor in 1896.

The Walkerville Land & Building Co. contracted with McLean for the design of the house for Mr. Bott. The architect was responsible for a number of buildings in Windsor, few of which have survived. Of the losses, the former Windsor (Patterson) Collegiate and Teachers Training School on Mill Street are notable.

His Queen Anne Revival style house for Robert Kerr (Kerr Engine Works) can be seen at 427 Lincoln Road. Features of interest on the Bott house include the turret-like dormers and the massive stair landing window on the north facade. Tripartite gable windows and rondels add to the architectural interest