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Ernie St. Louis of Windsor recently stopped by The TIMES office to give the
staff a spin in his 1926 Ford. What a thrill!
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Goodyear blimps cross over Walkerville. September 8th.
Walkerville grad killed on plane which hit first tower
Photos from Windsor Fire & Rescue Services Headquarters. 9.11.2002

A letter Rich Remembrances collumnist Richard Liddell wrote for his grandchildren.

Birds of Paradise
We'd like to know what sort of birds you see out of your kitchen window in Windsor and area.
Find old photos of your classmates with Classmates Find 'o' Matic.™
Elvis Presley's Senior Citizen Song.
A funny e.mail Stan Scislowski sent us; original orgins unknown.
November Extras (Issue #29)
Concerned about out-of-control municipal spending in Windsor? Visit!
Willistead Manor - Not for Sale!
Read a love poem courtesy of columnist Stan Scislowski.
Truly Useless Trivia (to be taken with a grain of salt)
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Little did they know!
Stan Scislowski has compiled a list of statements & predictions from the 50s that sound comical today.
Christopher Rees Rehabilitation Fund
Click here to read about what happened to the well-known portrait sculptor, and what you can do to help.
42 Model Ts Cross the U.S. to Partake in U.S. Ford 100th Anniversary
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Playground at Willistead Removed!
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More We Remember Photos
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More Old School Photos from our September 2003 and Dec./Jan. 2003-04 Issue! Click here!
Somerville Paper Box of
Windsor Staff (Issue #40, p19)
Click here to get the full list of names from our Dec./Jan. issue.
Bonus Photo Section
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1934 Windsor male school teachers and principals
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Community Forum
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