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Len Birchall
Photos and captions courtesy of Laryssa Landale

Kay Birchall and Air Commodore (ret’d) Len J. Birchall (far left and far right, respectively) pictured here in Kingston with their great-nephew, Len Landale, and great-niece, Laryssa Landale or Windsor in March of 2000. Laryssa wrote the article entitled “Saviours of Ceylon” in the November issue of the TIMES about her great-uncle, Len Birchall and role in the Allied victory of Work War II.


A/C Len Birchall’s medals. He has received 17 in total, including the Order of Canada, Order of the British Empire for Bravery, Order of Ontario, and the Distinguished Flying Cross. These full-size medals are worn for ceremonial occassions.


For non-ceremonial activities, A/C Birchall wears the above display or ribbons only. They respresent the numerous honours he has earned, for his distinguished service both during and after WWII.


This clay bust of A/C Len Birchall, later cast in bronze, was commissioned by the Royal Military College in Kingston, Ontario. The amazing likeness was created by local artist Christopher Rees, father of The TIMES’ graphic designer, Chuck Rees.



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